Q:  My son LOVES the beach! How much “beach time” will there be?

A: Lots & lots of beach time! We’ll have time to hang out on the beach and snorkel from 9:30am-4pm every day! The beach is your oyster! There will even be an optional surf lesson from 9:30am-11am each morning with an incredible team of talented instructors – for adults and kids. And there are many beautiful beaches on the island of Maui that you are free to explore. We can even point you to a few beaches and snorkel spots that are VERY likely to have sea turtles!

Q: The Lumeria website indicated that Lumeria is not a good fit for children. Can we really bring kids to this retreat?

A: YES! Bring your little ones! It is true that Lumeria usually maintains a “peaceful environment” and therefore discourages children from attending on their website. However, they are making a very special exception for our kid-friendly Family Retreat! During our week, there will be lots & lots of children running around, playing and expressing themselves freely! This is one week when you and your children can come enjoy Lumeria and all of its beauty and not worry at all about how much noise they make!! It’s all good!

Q: How much Family Time and how much Kid-Free time will there be

A: We curated the schedule to offer you plenty of Family Time AND plenty of Kid-Free Time! Each day, you will enjoy 3.5 to 4 hours of Kid-Free time, along with a Parents Night Out on Wednesday night from 4-8pm. If you’re in need of more of a break from the kids, additional kid-free time can be arranged upon request with an additional fee of $15-20/hr.
While our first kids activity is at 6am, it’s helpful to remember that our kids will be experiencing that time as much later (9am PST and 12pm EST). We have found that most kids are WIDE AWAKE and begging for something FUN to do by 6am! 😉

Q. Which airport do we fly into? 

A. Fly into Kahului Airport – OGG. It is only a 15 to 20 minute drive to/from Lumeria!

 (Please note: We recommend that you rent a car and select the “Lunch Around Town” package – which saves you money on our retreat, and gives you the freedom and flexibility to have lunch at various restaurants on Maui. There is no shuttle to Lumeria, but you can get a Lyft / Uber if you choose not to rent a car. You will need to use Lyft / Uber to get around Hawaii when you go on excursions, as Lumeria does not provide shuttles.))
Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area? Flights are around $700-$800 from SFO to OGG, with non-stop flights available at the time of writing this. Here are some airlines that fly direct from SFO to OGG:
Alaskan Airlines has some good non-stop flights. They have an excellent credit card offer: One free complimentary ticket when you get their credit card, and one complimentary ticket for $99 each year after that.
Hawaiian airlines offers the most convenient non-stop flights at the time of writing this. They have a credit card offer with a one time 50% companion ticket.
JustFly.com has a service with multiple airlines to find you the best deal. There is a flight from SFO to OGG for $600 – if you are flexible with dates (leaving a few days early and returning a few days later.)
Please let jaclyn@mindbodymoms.com know if you have any questions!

Q: Do we need to rent a car?

A: We highly recommend that you do rent a car for your family. We wanted to give you and your family the gift of choice for your family excursions, so instead of pre-determining the adventures, we invite you to choose your own adventures! We will give you a list of excursions to choose from, and you can explore as you please. Having your own car will be helpful for getting to / from your excursions to the beach, zip-lining, surf lessons and – of course – your Parents Night Out!
Alternatively, you can simply take a Lyft / Uber to / from the airport and around the island for your excursions. While some excursions include transportation (such as the Lavender Farm Tour), many do not.