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Karen’s Corner: What Feels Real

Description: After weeks of Shelter in Place, it was time to bust out and let the great outdoors guide us in a practice of presence. Join me in listening to the ocean waves come and go. Nature … one of my favorite teachers.

Description: Somehow I thought it’d be fun to bring a prop to today’s practice and before I knew it, it all turned into a cluster with dog Penny knocking over the camera.  But keep rolling, I did!  So, if you’re up for starting off with a little laughter, settle in.  Initial silliness followed, of course, by a guided meditation and overall invitation to join me in embracing imperfection.

Description: It’s one thing for a somewhat private person to set up a YouTube channel. And then a whole other thing for people to start knowing about it. 😳 In response to real-time, anxiety, this guided meditation leads us through a process of getting a little closer to agitation, making space, and softening to find a place of rest. BYO pets for the added therapy and background soundtrack.

Description: Have you ever lost sleep over worry? Worry is normal and natural. And it will come and go in our lives. At times, though, worry can get a little too big for its britches. This practice helps bring us back from the unknown future (the breeding ground for worry) to the known, felt sense of the present moment.

Description: It feels so liberating to finally name and own what seeded this personal journey for me – perfectionism – and then begin to dismantle the many myths I have been buying into around it (Brené Brown, Dare to Lead). Perfectionism paralysis, be gone! I want to live at least as loudly as Squash is purring in today’s practice 🙂

Description: Filmed on a Monday morning, this mindful meditation practice reminds us that we can always press the reset button and begin again. Special shout out to Jack Kornfield for his wise words.

Description: This practice comes at you from inside my car. Mindfulness meditation can be so mobile! It focuses on the heart and how we can nurture it as a home base when we’re needing solace and reconnection to the self.  Heads up on the abrupt ending when my phone rang, fell off the steering wheel and stopped recording.

Description: We begin this practice by choosing a hand position that either supports grounding or opening. Then we follow the breath to slow, still and practice presence. May this guided meditation help you to land in your heart.

Description: My first ever self-recorded guided meditation. A raw and tender experience of pushing through the discomfort of feeling exposed because it finally became too painful to hold myself back. Gratitude to Brené Brown and to the circle of women who practice living her work with me.  Time to step into the arena. Enjoy the bonus background noises of a family (humans and pets) Sheltering in Place. 

Description: Forcing yourself to do something hard is one thing.  And then there’s the making yourself get up and do it again. The staying in it.  Yikes. Day two of this guided meditation project invites cleansing with the breath, clearing a new path and reconnecting with a place of peace from within.