To Do’s For Today (and the next few weeks during school closures):

  1. Focus on creating a sense of safety, closeness and connection with your kiddos.
  2. Establish a bit of a routine to help ground them (and you). Create a schedule together with playtime, reading time, meal times, outdoor time, and so on. Have the kids color it and post it on the fridge!
  3. Focus on family communication. Things get can tense in tight quarters. Now is a time to practice being kind to each other. Gently encourage everyone to remind each other to “Please be kind” when they use tense, annoyed or agitated tones.
  4. Reach out to a friend, family member or therapist by phone / video chat if you are feeling overwhelmed by your kids. They won’t have their usual outlets, and they will be hard on them – and therefore on us. As parents, we need support to parent well. Don’t try to do the next few weeks all on your own. Find a way to stay connected.
  5. Go outside and spend time in nature. It will be important for us all to feel connected to something bigger than our selves and our houses during this time, and nature can fill that need!
With Love & Care,
Jaclyn Long, MFT
Founder & Director
Mind Body Moms
Mindful Child & Family Therapy