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You Give So Much. It’s Time To Refuel.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”  – Helen Keller

Mindful Moms Groups bring wise, caring moms together to practice mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga in order to develop a deeper connection with ourselves and each other – all for the benefit of our children, families and communities. As social mammals, we share a vital need for connection. So we spend time building community with each other as we authentically share about the ups and downs of our lives. Most of the mothers in our circle come back session after session in order to continue to nourish, sustain and benefit from the supportive connections we have created together over the years.

Founder & Director, Jaclyn Long, offers a group on Thursday mornings from 9am-11:15am at 600 Colorado Ave, in the beautiful Parish Hall at St. Marks Church. (NOTE: During the COVID pandemic, this group is meeting virtually via Zoom.) Her group is often full with a waitlist, so please inquire by clicking on the waitlist tab on the schedule page. While this is a maternal wellness group, Jaclyn is also a Marriage & Family Therapist, and you can find out more about her counseling practice here: jaclynlong.com and mcaft.com

CLICK HERE to see the schedule and sign up for the waitlist!


“Jackie has taught me about finding stillness and unconditional love beneath each wave of experience. Because of this group, I have learned to apply the principles of mindfulness and compassion not only to myself, but also to my child’s life, my family and friends’ lives, my patient’s lives, and all that I meet.” – Kaveri P., Palo Alto, CA

“Prior to studying with Jackie, my willingness to be with a full, nuanced, rich range of emotion was limited. With Jackie’s loving guidance, inspiration and courage, I’m much more willing to be present with my feelings. I’m much more welcoming of all that arises in my self, others and in all things. Thank you.” – Kelly H., Palo Alto, CA

“With Jackie’s guidance, I have learned to be more in-tune with my own life’s rhythms. This class goes far beyond the physical. In a world with so many demands, this is just the sort of medicine I have been needing.” – Sarah S., Palo Alto, CA

“Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you have given me through the last few years I’ve been taking yoga with you. You have changed my life and given me many new tools – insights and direction.” – Arlene K., Mountain View, CA

“Jackie has planted seeds in us that are so amazingly inspiring. Uplifted, I know that our power is unlimited and the creativity within us is rich. Jackie reminds us that when we bring peace into our own hearts, it stretches to the vast corners of the universe! Her love and guidance is so illuminating!” – Polly A., Palo Alto, CA

PLEASE NOTE: All activities, including groups, workshops and retreats, offered by Mind Body Moms are non-healthcare activities, and therefore no healthcare records will be generated.

Our Four Pillars

Mindful Moms is an integrative wellness program that reflects the values of self-awareness, compassion, authenticity and meaningful relationships. Each class features four components grounded in years of study of mindfulness, yoga, and compassionate parenting practices.

Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness- the practice of bringing your awareness to the present moment- is one of the greatest resources we can access as we navigate through the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Mindfulness is giving ourselves permission to explore what we’re really feeling, to find the space to look underneath the stress ~ behind the waterfall ~ and focus on what’s really going on inside. Mindfulness gets us in touch with the presence of being alive and helps us to embrace both joy and suffering with curiosity, kindness and gentleness. It is this very presence, gentle compassion and self-understanding that will deeply nourish our relationships with our kids.

Gentle Yoga


As mothers, we give so much of ourselves, both emotionally and physically. Taking the time to BREATHE with awareness and releasing stored tension through gentle yoga sequences helps us to recharge our spirits. After moving, stretching and breathing together, we can return home to our families more grounded and centered and ready to be the awake and aware moms our kids need us to be.

Deep Relaxation


Motherhood is one of the most important, toughest and most stressful jobs on the planet. Often it feels like we’re barely keeping our heads above water. Deep relaxation techniques help us to let go of stress, lower our baseline anxiety levels, and regulate our emotional responses so we can be more relaxed and at ease when we interact with our kids.

Community Spirit


Motherhood isn’t meant to be navigated alone. We need other women to help us celebrate the joyful moments and process the challenges of being someone else’s mom. We need to know that we’re not the only ones, and that others truly understand, so we don’t feel so ashamed of our shortcomings. We need to belong.

Our Purpose

Mindful Moms Groups exist to transform our relationships to ourselves, each other and our children with compassionate, non-judgemental awareness. At the heart of it all, our groups are focused on building a community spirit and deepening connections among moms, so after practicing mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga, the women are invited to share authentically about the joys and challenges of motherhood. The mothers in our circle are encouraged to connect and support each other outside of class as well, so a strong community of moms develops over time!

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Will I Be Able to Bring My Child?2017-03-15T13:28:13+00:00

This program is for mothers only (no kids in attendance please). Our groups are designed to have moms come no matter how old or young their children are. It has been a rich process for moms of young adults to be in the same group with moms who have babies and teens.

We do ask that moms come alone, without children, so that there can be a deepening of presence and focus in the room. Our only exception is for mothers with lap babies / newborns, because we want to make sure that women who just made the transition to motherhood can get the support they need and deserve, even if they can’t separate from their baby just yet. While this does cause a little disruption to the focus of the class, we feel it is worth it so that moms can get support and much needed connection.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?2017-03-15T13:27:18+00:00

The cost varies depending on how many weeks the class runs, and how long each meeting is. Some groups meet weekly or monthly, for 1.5, 2 or 3 hours at a time. Each group is unique. Please see the full SCHEDULE  to find the cost for the group that works best for you. Our Spanish-Speaking groups in East Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay are free. Please let your Spanish-speaking friends, babysitters, nannies and co-workers know about this FREE opportunity to get support!

When & Where Do Mindful Moms Groups Meet?2017-03-15T13:26:18+00:00

Currently, we offer Mindful Moms groups at various locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. (Click here to see our Schedule.) If you would like to participate, but live outside of the SF Bay Area, we would LOVE to have you join our Dedicated Moms  online program, so you can join us from anywhere in the world, at the most convenient time for you!! BONUS: While you are enrolled in one of our Mindful Moms groups, you get FREE access to our Dedicated Moms online program!

How Do Mindful Moms Groups Work?2017-03-15T13:23:14+00:00

Mindful Moms Groups are small circles of moms who share a common desire for deeper and more nourishing relationships with themselves and their kids. All groups are led by Mind Body Moms facilitators, who have extensive training as holistic wellness instructors and have backgrounds in family counseling and parenting education.

Each week, inspiring themes are woven into the mindfulness and yoga practice, such as self-care, mindful parenting, warm limit setting, handling our children’s emotional moments, managing maternal anxiety and cultivating compassion for ourselves and for our children.

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