Nosara, Costa Rica

March 2017

“This was a totally AWESOME experience! Anxiety and stress melted into peace and tranquility!” – Barbara Dunn Cherry, Costa Rica 2017

“Jackie & Krassi created a very special atmosphere of peace and acceptance. I came away feeling stronger, calmer and more present…AND I had lots of fun!” – Wendy Lewis, Costa Rica 2017

“The gift that the two of you have given to us is immense, and I am so grateful.” – Anne Dazey, Costa Rica 2017

“Words and even pictures cannot describe how special this retreat was. LIfelong memories have been created here. The “Pura Vida” Costa Rican motto, mixed with an absolutely gorgeous setting, along with the wisdom and knowledge that Jackie and Krassi bring all came together to make the retreat a truly MAGICAL experience!” – Katie Renati, Costa Rica 2017

“The retreat with Jackie & Krassi is a sweet week full of mindfulness practices, yoga and surfing. Both Jackie & Krassi create a loving and supportive environment with their big hearts and wisdom. Costa Rica, Blue Spirit and the food are amazing!” – Sherry Kim, Costa Rica 2017

“Jackie & Krassi offered a supportive retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. Jackie gave me the confidence to try surfing and I LOVED it! Krassi offered beautifully choreographed, fluid yoga with excellent cuing and sweet assists. They are a great team – wish I could practice with them regularly…but I am an East Coast girl, so I will look forward to another retreat with them!” – Amy Lynn Bircher, Costa Rica 2017

“Krassi and Jackie are a divine team. They are humble, wise, light-hearted souls who gently guide the group in an attuned and caring way.” – Amy Swart, Costa Rica 2017

“This beautiful retreat with two compassionate leaders and many amazing companions helped me discover a missing piece in my life – the part of myself that cared about me – my own self-compassion. Thank you, Jackie and Krassi, for your loving and gentle guidance. Without this phenomenal retreat, I would still be lost in the haze of our busy world!” – Katie Norton, Costa Rica 2017

“Thank you for this calming and energizing time together. I looked forward to each day and each experience.” – France Silcox, Costa Rica 2017

“Blue Spirit offers the most beautiful, serene yoga studio you could ever imagine – surrounded by open windows – so you can watch the endless waves rolling into the beach as you breathe in and out.” – Leslie McNeil, Costa Rica 2017