Yoga, Mindfulness & Surfing Retreat in
Nosara, Costa Rica ~ Blue Spirit Retreat Center

Krassi Harwell

Jaclyn Long

Carly Forest

Carly Forest, Krassi Harwell and Jaclyn Long

Carly, Krassi and Jackie believe yoga and mindfulness are paths of awakening. These practices help us open to our true nature as we more fully accept, integrate and embrace our unfolding experiences.

Facilitating international yoga retreats for over 12 years, Carly, Krassi and Jackie weave the well-researched and evidenced-based practice of mindfulness into each yoga class, helping students to cultivate present-moment, non-judgmental awareness. Mindfulness practices help us develop compassion, as we shed habitual patterns of striving.

Carly believes that retreating form our busy lives is a deeply supportive act of remembering: remembering ourselves, our deepest longings and heartfelt intentions to live a meaningful life. It helps us see, hear and feel life differently. Drawing inspiration and wisdom from the natural world, Carly offers Yin yoga, mindfulness and self-inquiry as a way to assist you in attuning to your external environment and your inner landscapes. Carly will help you explore the themes of surrender and expansion, yin and yang, descent and ascent and how to hold the paradox of being human with grace and courage. Coupled with writing, self-inquiry exercises, and luminous poetry, Carly will help awaken your senses and will encourage you to connect with a rhythm that is naturally yours. Her evening yin yoga classes will help you drift off into a deep, restful sleep, and will empower you with mindfulness tools that you can carry with you for your entire life. You can read more about Carly on her website: www.carlyforest.com/about

Krassi’s invigorating vinyasa classes challenge the body while inviting a gentleness of mind and openness of heart. Her teachings encourage self-discovery, growth and expansion. She offers accessible modifications for students of all levels. Krassi is a certified yoga instructor, a Thai massage therapist, a certified doula, a Hakomi counselor (mindfulness-based somatic counseling), and facilitator of Mindful Moms groups through Mind Body Moms. She is also the author of Morning, Zora, a lovely children’s book, as well as Yoga Cards for Children.

Jaclyn’s mindfulness meditation classes will help you broaden your sphere of compassion. With an invitation to practice non-judgmental awareness, she will help you establish a more kind and caring relationship with yourself, your inner landscape, and with all that unfolds within you and around you.  She will inspire you to turn towards and include your emotions, rather than reject them or get overwhelmed by them. Jaclyn will teach you mindfulness tools that you can take home with you and practice daily, weaving these practices into your everyday life. Jaclyn is a Marriage & Family Therapist, a certified yoga teacher, a mindfulness teacher, a certified Parent Educator and Founder & Director of Mind Body Moms. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.