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We have wonderful news and successes we wanted to share with you from Mind Body Moms.

In January, we hired a Project Coordinator, Stephanie Izzarelli. With her local knowledge, strong community engagement and coordination expertise, Stephanie has been a huge asset to Mind Body Moms. We feel so grateful to have her on our team!

The low-income, Spanish speaking moms LOVED the new Zumba & Wellness Program this fall. This class came to fruition because of an intimate dialogue we had with a few of the moms after our mindfulness class last year. They informed us that one of the movement classes we were considering – especially Zumba – would be an excellent cultural fit. Many of the moms wanted support with physical health. They informed us that they don’t have funds to take a class like Zumba.

Over 45 moms participated in the Zumba & Wellness Program in fall 2017, a program which focused on boosting physical health, preventing chronic disease, and encouraging playful community connection. In fact, the moms loved it so much, and were so disappointed to hear that the program was going to end after the 10 weeks were complete, that several of them advocated for the Zumba classes to continue. So we sat down, pooled funds together, and realized that with the help of our donors and sponsors, we would be able to ADD the Zumba class as an ongoing class throughout the school year! The moms were delighted, and so are we! THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!!!

We just finished our winter Zumba & Wellness Program at Hatch Elementary School in Half Moon Bay with an overwhelmingly positive response! We all feel so grateful for our loving and motivational Zumba teacher, Mia Said (in yellow tank top in the front) who truly connects with and inspires our hard-working moms. Here is a picture of some of our Zumba & Wellness Program participants:

We just wrapped up our winter 2018 Parent Education Program at the East Palo Alto Library on Saturday, April 28! It was a powerful experience with an amazing group of about 20 moms – and even some dads!

The participants were so open, authentic and engaged. The very first class, most of them were moved to tears. Their stress is high, and their love of their children runs deep. These women have been coming back each week – ready and eager to learn more about Positive Discipline. Their eyes sometimes well up with tears when we introduce discipline techniques that focus on warm connection instead of aggressive words / physical punishment / withdrawal of affection. They are eagerly seeking new ways to parent and are so grateful for the guidance. We thank our donors for partnering with us to make this possible!

Here is a picture of the Winter 2018 Parent Education Program at the East Palo Alto Library:

We also recently completed our winter Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Program in Half Moon Bay. It was a more intimate group of about 8 moms – and some of them even brought their kids so they could learn to practice mindfulness, too.

 In their feedback forms, one of the moms reported (as translated into English), “I learned how to relax, take care and pamper myself. To be present and how to get to know my feelings. I learned to listen and not judge, to be more patient.” Another mom wrote (as translated), “I learned to be patient with myself and to love myself more.”

We feel so grateful for our compassionate mindfulness teachers, Carmen & Lorenia, who held beautiful space for the moms as they learned new tools to manage the high degree of stress they live with, and as they shared deeply about their journey as Hispanic women, and mothers. Here is a picture of our winter 2018 Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Program at Hatch Elementary School in Half Moon Bay:

We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to positively impact the lives of so many women and families, and we truly could not do this work without our supportive partners. We thank our donors for partnering with us to support women, children and families as we help to create a culture of wellness together.


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