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Jaclyn Kelly Long

Jackie Long is a yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, Marriage & Family Therapist, parent educator, and a mom. She graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in psychology and a specialization in neuroscience. She has a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from ITP with a certificate in creative expression.

Jackie values self-awareness, authenticity and meaningful relationships. She weaves inspiring themes into the yoga practice each week, such as self-care, mindful parenting, warm limit setting, handling our children’s emotional moments, managing maternal anxiety and cultivating compassion for ourselves and for our children. She believes in the transformative power of mindfulness, conscious communication and supportive community.

In her free time, Jackie enjoys surfing, singing, songwriting, practicing yoga on the beach, hanging out with friends and connecting with her husband and son.

Jalene Nardella Salus, LMFT, HHC

Marriage & Family Therapist and Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Jalene is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor as well as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is also a mindfulness instructor, parent educator and  mother.  She is passionate about inspiring others to live healthy, authentic, and dynamic lives that reflect their greatest potential. She helps people make lifestyle choices that transform their families, communities, and the world.

Jalene offers holistic nutrition counseling and individual, couple, & family therapy. She also leads workshops and retreats on integrative health topics, provides wellness consulting, mindfulness instruction, parenting education and coaching. Above  all, you will sense her deep listening with a pure belief in people, and her presence with others in a sacred and honoring manner.

Krassi Harwell

Krassi is a certified yoga instructor, a Thai massage therapist, a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula and a Hakomi counseling practitioner. She has been teaching yoga full time in Palo Alto and throughout the SF Bay Area since 2001. She has facilitated yoga / meditation retreats locally and internationally, has been supporting birthing women since 2005 as a birth doula, and has been supporting parents of newborn babies as a postpartum doula since 2012.

In 1996 Krassi left her native Bulgaria and moved to the SF Bay Area where she rediscovered yoga and has been an avid student of the art ever since. She took a year-long trip to India and Thailand in 2001, and received her yoga teacher-training certification from Vivekanada Prashanti Kutiram Yoga Institute in Bangalore, India. Krassi’s training focused on integrating the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of yoga within a physical practice. In 2005, Krassi completed her doula training through the Sierra Childbirth Institute. In 2009 Krassi completed a two-year training in the Hakomi method, which weaves the mindfulness and non-violence principles of Eastern philosophy with Western Psychology.

As the mother of two children, Krassi has experienced first hand how the tools she has acquired through her study of yoga, mindfulness and psychology can make the beautiful and often challenging journey through parenthood smoother and more enjoyable.

Lorenia Parada-Ampudia

Lorenia Parada-Ampudia is a leader in the field of mindfulness and leadership training. She supports clients and organizations in the USA and Mexico through a highly effective leadership training style that integrates transformative learning, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and body consciousness. The result: higher-performing, less stressed and more effective leaders.

With Lorenia’s guidance you will:

– Improve decision-making skills.
– Learn to cultivate healthy relationships with yourself and with others in your family, community and work place.
– Increase self-awareness and self-regulation by learning to identify bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, habits, patterns of behavior and beliefs.
– Enhance abilities to consciously listen, communicate and effectively relate with others.
– Identify internal resources to develop resilience and establish better ways to deal with stress.
– Transcend ones’ edges towards personal, group and societal growth.

Dr. Andrea Castillo

Dr. Andrea Castillo is a mindfulness and Insight Meditation teacher. She grew up among artists, especially dancers, watching and partaking in rehearsals, and performances of her parents company Ballet para Todos in Mexico City. Andrea graduated from Stanford University with a Ph.D. in the Humanities; her multi- disciplinary dissertation dealt with Goethe, music, dance, and the visual arts. She launched the undergraduate music program at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico where she taught and was chair of the department for four years. She also taught at Stanford University for three years as part of the Ph.D. program.

The guiding principle of all of Andrea’s studies has been finding meaning, depth, and happiness in our lives. This interest has dovetailed with her deep involvement in mindfulness and meditation, which she started practicing in 1998, at the Insight Meditation Center, with her teacher Gil Fronsdal. She has been teaching since 2007. Presently Andrea teaches at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City and at Against the Stream in San Francisco. She has also taught many mindfulness workshops throughout the Bay Area.

Andrea has danced in a dance improvisation group in Palo Alto for 18 years. She believes in the power of dance as a meditation in movement that allows emotions to flow through us, through movements that originate deep within us and are unique to who we are.

Motherhood has been a very rewarding experience for Andrea and a rich terrain for learning. Her son is a fun, awake, and creative young man working at Google.

Danielle P. Seybold

Danielle is a Holistic Marriage and Family Therapy trainee, yoga instructor, parent educator, and mother. She earned her first degree in Biomedical Engineering and worked for a decade in Silicon Valley Medical Device start-ups as an R&D Engineer and Project Manager. She integrates a deep love for science and research into her holistic approach to personal growth and development. She is currently completing her degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology at JFK University, where she is researching and writing on the transformation of self through the transition to parenthood.

Danielle believes in the value of connection – to all aspects of our selves and to each other. Her classes incorporate themes of mindfulness, self-compassion, conscious parenting, loving kindness, authentic communication, and harnessing stress for personal growth and resilience.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys conscious dance (5 Rhythms, Zen Dance, Ecstatic Dance, and Open Floor), hiking, gardening, and spending time with her husband and two children.

Andrea Thronsdon

Andrea Throndson began her interest in grief counseling when she was Manager of the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. She went on to become Community Connections Developer at Abilities United and currently works with families who are dealing with a disability in their family. She received her Masters of Counseling Psychology in June 2012 and worked as a grief therapist at Kara in Palo Alto for four and a half years. Currently Andrea also works at CHAC in Mountain View, with the Addictions Institute in Palo Alto and in Private Pracitce. She has been teaching yoga in the Bay Area since 1999 and is founder of “Everyone’s Yoga” a program designed to bring yoga to all levels and abilities.

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