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Helping MOMS build MINDFUL, compassionate RELATIONSHIPS with themselves, their bodies, each other and their kids.

Our Story and Mission

When Founder & Director, Jaclyn Long, became a mom, she realized something was missing. She felt isolated and alone, and needed a local circle of mama friends. She craved a community of women she could open up to, connect with and rely on. She worked hard to build community, and the nurturing relationships she formed were tremendously beneficial. She founded Mind Body Moms to make it easier for mothers with kids of all ages to take better care of themselves and to develop supportive, meaningful connections.

Our mission is to provide holistic wellness programs for moms of diverse backgrounds by creating a safe space to share the realities of motherhood. We nurture a mother’s mind, body and spirit with mindfulness practices, gentle yoga, open-hearted sharing, creative expression, parenting by connection principles and community building exercises. We aim to support the whole mom so she can be a more grounded, self-aware woman and a better mother to her kids. We help encourage moms to reach out, tune in, tap into inner wisdom, stretch, breathe, listen, be heard and experience a truly supportive community.

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Mindful Moms Groups

In-person groups in the San-Francisco Bay Area

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Workshops and Retreats

Offering local workshops and international retreats

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Dedicated Moms Program

Offering Online Classes, Support & Community

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Honor Yourself, Take Time to Yourself, Meditate Yourself, Understand Yourself, Mother Yourself, and You Will Have More of Yourself to Give to Your Kids.

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