Karen Hoffman

Wellness Coaching Philosophy

In today’s high-speed, tech-saturated world, one of the most profound things we can do for ourselves is to slow down. Life is busy. But even for the busiest, downshifting can simply be looking our children in the eyes when they are talking to us or driving the car without the radio on. Making choices to do less when we can and creating more space to be fully present with our feelings, thoughts, actions and interactions allow us to move through the world with more intention, attention and ease.

Coaching is a collaborative process of discovery and action. Slowing down lays the groundwork for the fundamental inquiry and deep listening. When we understand more about who and how we are, we can better determine where we want to go and how to best get there. Some people feel stuck and just don’t know where to start. Some are already transitioning but want to make sure they align their next move with meaning and purpose. Others feel engaged and successful, yet surprisingly empty and unfulfilled. Our coaching partnership will build a personalized roadmap for clarity, action, tools and accountability.

No one tool is right for everyone, all the time. Experimenting is part of the fun! Our work together will explore various practices, such as:

Mindfulness — When we slow, we still. And when we still, we soften to what is most alive within us. Since learning meditation in 1990, this single practice has become my most profound teacher. Every day it re-awakens me to commitment and forgiveness, truth and self-compassion, distraction and … always … beginning again. Other mindfulness tools for practicing awareness and presence are visualization and breathwork.

Movement — Our bodies harbor so much inner wisdom. But often things get buried and stagnant. When we move our bodies, our blood circulates, our heart rate increases and energy is unleashed. Stretching, hiking, and running open channels for our bodies to communicate with us. Even simply bringing attention to the way we hold ourselves can make space for change. As a clinical massage therapist, I witnessed the undeniable power of the mind-body connection.

Nature — One of our greatest gifts is the natural world we live in. Nature beckons us to breathe a little deeper, look a little closer and open to the infinite inspiration surrounding us. By getting outside, all senses are awakened and we are reminded what it feels like to be truly alive. This environment sets us up for noticing, reflecting and discovering metaphors for our own journeys. Together we might play in the mountains, in the redwoods, on the beaches or wherever else calls us.

WritingWe all have a deeper wisdom and writing can lead us there. When we give ourselves permission to write freely — without judgement or attachment to outcome — we open ourselves to the gifts of surprise and truth. To know ourselves just a little bit better. Free writing can shine light on what may be hiding in our hearts.

Life is a Practice. We are constantly changing, as is the world we live in and the people we live with. I would be honored to live the Practice with you and to support you in creating your most fulfilling and authentic life.